Pete Witt, his committee, and Glory be to Kids, would like to thank our coed softball teams for their patience, support, and generosity. 


The maintenance crews in the Cities of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda deserve a big "Well done". 

The city crews were able to get the fields ready for play. They were pumping water off on Friday. Thank you Michelle for helping on Friday and Saturday to get Felton and Niagara 2 ready for play, and for the use of your truck. Thanks to Jon Witt and his guys for helping to put up the concession tent. 


The championship game between the Bombers and Deez, turned into a double-header.  The Bombers came out of the winners bracket and Deez fought their way back through the losers bracket. Deez were able to avenge their loss to the Bombers that sent them into the losers bracket. Deez won the championship game and forced the "If" game. 


Thank you all for your help in cleaning up the team areas after your games. You saved our clean-up crew a lot of extra work. Thank you also for using the recycle bins for your cans and bottles.


With your support and generosity, on Sept. 9, we were able to raise: 



That is a testament to the size of your hearts. With your help, 2017 will be one of the highest totals for Glory be to Kids. When you see our banner with the yearly Charities and totals, remember, YOU made this happen!!    

Thank you

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