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2016 - Suneel's Light

In 2016, Glory be to Kids asked their supporters and participants to help  them raise funds for the Suneel's Light Foundation. With the combined efforts of all, Suneel's Light received a $31,000 gift. 


On August 22, 2017, I was able to witness the weight of that gift. I stood by as young man after young man was fitted with the WREX Arm. The mothers, fathers and other family members held guarded anticipation as each young man was placed in the "ARM". Tears of joy and amazement were unable to be restrained. With the placement of each rubber band, the results were magical. 

As each young man was able to move his arm,  and touch his chin or his nose, his eyes reflected the joy. As each boy experimented with the range of motion the WREX arm was able give him, the excitement and confidence in the room grew. 


The WREX Arm is a simple machine and tool. It can be easily adjusted and is portable. The current WREX Arm attaches directly to the wheelchair. An early form of the machine design was developed for people afflicted with polio. It has been improved and updated over the years to where we are today. 


As with all tools, they only help you perform tasks and complete jobs. These young men and their families have a continuous battle to improve the quality of life. Each of these young men have a life energy that most of us would love to have. One of the young men loves to play the drums, another loves to paint and draw. The WREX Arm may help the young men continue to find their passions, and follow their dreams.


Thank you to all that have supported Glory be to Kids. You do make a difference.

Thank you,
Deb Goldpenny

Board of Directors (Chair)

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