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Event Donations

Our primary means of raising money is through the sporting events/tournaments we hold each year. These tournaments offer many opportunities for interested individuals to provide donations: from sporting equipment and basket raffle items to food/beverage and meeting space -- we can always put donations to good use. 

Not surprisingly, donations are needed to be able to make each event a success. All events can benefit from the following types of donations: Basket/raffle items, prizes, gift cards, baked goods as well as donations of time for meeting spaces, event locations and officiating. 

Items to be used for concessions (hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, canned pop and beer) are welcome for both Golf Tournaments and the Chowder Challenge.

General Donations

Our events are not put on without costs. Registration fees help to offset some of these costs, but there is always more that can be done. At the end of the day, the less we have to spend on the events, the more we can pass on to our beneficiary at the end of each year. 

Our annual costs include everything from insurance, trophies, t-shirts and gifts for our participants to signs, banners and web hosting fees. 

We operate as efficiently as we can, often surpassing industry standards on the "cost to make a dollar."


Every little bit helps -- please consider making a donation today!


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