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The Matthew Foster Foundation

The Foster family received a gift from God on February 23, 1981, a son they named Matthew. He was the fifth child in a family that would grow to a total of 8. Just before Christmas in 1996 Matthew was diagnosed with cancer. He put up a terrific fight in his 25 month battle with this terrible disease .

On January 29, 1999, less than a month before his 18th birthday and before Matthew could graduate with his high school class, God called him back home.


Matthew had been a true blessing and had been a very positive influence on his family and everyone he met. The Matthew Foster Foundation was established one month after his passing to continue his positive impact. The Foundation's mission is to assist families with children that are suffering from cancer by providing financial assistance to cover some of their extraordinary costs.


The Foundation works very closely with Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Essential Care, Women’s and Children’s Hospital and other local organizations. These organizations identify families of children with cancer that are having a difficult time with the huge financial burden that accompanies their battle. After these needs are identified and qualified the Foundation provides families with financial assistance.


We do all of these things in the memory of our son, our brother and our friend, Matthew.


Matthew Foster Foundation

Our Mission

Assisting families of children with cancer

"Enjoy the Day"

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